Pull out all the stops at Cream and Cones. When you want to really go all out on dessert, there’s no better place than the ice cream lounge at Cream and Cones. We create some of the most decadent and exotic ice cream treats at our shop in Pelham, Alabama. Visit us today to try a classic sundae or a dessert creation unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Try our new Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream!

Choose an ice cream and mix in to create your special treat.

Kick it up a notch at Cream and Cones

We make all types of fun and delicious novelty sundaes and desserts at Cream and Cones. Some of our most popular options include:

Mickey’s Kitchen Sink sundaes

Brownie sundaes

Cheesecake sundaes

Lava cake sundaes

Oreo mousse sundaes

Banana splits

Cotton candy ice cream burritos

Doughnut ice cream burgers

Candy bar milkshakes

Ice cream sodas

Funnel cake ice cream sundae

There’s something for every palate at Cream and Cones. If you’re in a sharing mood, order the Hulk—it comes with six scoops of ice cream. If you’re feeling adventurous, try our Dragon Breath dessert, a blend of sugar wafers and cheese balls lit up with liquid nitrogen. Customers also love our Eiffel Tower sundae, which is piled high with fresh pancakes.

Call 205-848-8383 today to place a bulk order or find out if we have any new specials.